Overtake is a brand new street racing video arcade game, in which (6) popular racers are provided. Each vehicle has distinctive features and various types of Turbo Jet Boost. Overtake comes with (4) Game Modes : Time Trail, Race Mode and Multi-Player Modes.


Ring Em

A game of skill and precision Ring Em has been admitted into our new “Value Series”! With an amazing price point and fully skill based gameplay it’s really a no-brainer. This smaller game can fit into any FEC and its colorful cabinet will make sure the game gets noticed.


Bright Colored and eye-catching. Easy to play and suitable to all ages. just insert coin, move the joystick at a given time then press “OK” to grab the gift.

Shooting Mania

A new breed of ticket redemption machine with many featured games that are full of fun and surprises. Comes with three player user interface.